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Cheap Childcare Options in Airdrie for Working Parents

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As working parents away from our young ones more often than we may wish, there comes a long list of requirements that we want out of childcare. Living in Airdrie, all the options seem to be close to the city centre. However, there are cheap Airdrie daycare options for working parents that do not compromise the attentive and fulfilling nature we want for our children. 

Being a working parent is not just a struggle of time, but sometimes of money and resources. Every child and parent deserves a daycare that is near them and provides all the attributes of child care. Little Angels Airdrie daycare is best priced for working parents. With daycare priced to fit the needs of a working parent for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, our childcare is adaptable. 

According to Statistics Canada, the demand for excellent child care has risen. Now, the potential benefits that peer socialization, school readiness, numeracy skills and language skills have on children has parents more open to the idea of placing their child in daycare. There are many Aidrie childcare options available for your child, ranging from a nanny to home daycares or daycare centres. However, quality daycare centres have more recently become sought after as it is the better option between lessening work hours, a disinterested Nanny or a home daycare with not enough supervision. 

A child’s future abilities are all determined from the environment that they are surrounded by. In 2016, a national survey was conducted to compare child care fees in Canada’s largest cities, Calgary included. The survey found that the median monthly parent fee for full-time centre-based and home child care was $1,102/month for infants, $1,050/month for toddlers and $1,010/month for preschoolers. 

Little Angels Airdrie childcare believes that all children and working parents should have the opportunity of an enriching daycare without the worry of costs. Because of this, our Airdrie daycare has new, reduced pricing of up to 15%, decreased to:

  • Infants: $1000/month 
  • Toddlers: $885/month
  • Preschoolers: $850/month

Should you have any questions or comments about the pricing at our daycare please feel free to contact us or book a tour!