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Daycare Helps Build Successful Students

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Why Choose Daycare for Your Child?


In Canada, over 70% of children are in a form of daycare ( While it is a common reason that parents place their child in a daycare due to full-time jobs, others see the beneficial cognitive development that it grants their child for early success in kindergarten and grade school.


Preparing Children for Grade School


With childcare programs constructed for infants to school-aged children, our secure and friendly environment ensures that each child is nurtured in a way they will never feel alone. Upon entering grade school, many children battle extreme separation anxiety; the attention paid to them by Little Angels’ passionate childcare professionals alleviates this and helps ensure your child can build strong inter-personal relationships. Having discovered how to make friends and have a little independence from their parents your child will have an easier transition when entering kindergarten.


Growing in Tandem


Our committed and stimulating Airdrie daycare and preschool progresses with your child and their needs. As your child develops, they outgrow their toys. Our play-based learning develops in tandem with your child, producing a larger vocabulary to enhance their language development. Having a greater vocabulary at 24 months has been associated to well-founded skills in math, reading and behaviour at age five( In addition, they build on their ability to form closer relationships with peers and adults.


It is common for children to fall behind in their early years of school, not understanding simple addition, multiplication, subtraction and division skills or not meeting the reading criteria per grade. These early academic targets are introduced in preschool, but it is more so the motor-skills, creative problem-solving and language skills emphasized in daycare that make these children so successful later on. When they cannot meet curriculum-set grade goals, these children often develop into teens who struggle to keep up in high school. Thus, the importance of early learning is even further enhanced.


The Path to your Child’s Achievement


Children who had spent their days in high quality daycare centres have been found to have better vocabulary by the fifth grade than those who had not. ( is a 52 page pdf). Little Angels provides children the opportunity of early learning and because of this, children socialize more frequently with peers, learn responsibility, social rules, hygiene, structure and routine. Our Airdrie daycare and preschool fuses social, emotional and academic development with playtime to build your child’s success in kindergarten and beyond in math, literacy and socialization. The life lessons your child learns while in daycare are priceless, and will set them on the right path in their lives going forward.


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