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How Little Angels Protects Against COVID-19

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Our COVID-19 Response

At Little Angels your child’s health has always been our number one priority. During the pandemic, the protection of your child’s physical health has been the foundation of our learning approach. COVID-19 goes beyond the impact of our classroom and our Airdrie daycare is remaining extra vigilant to protect the families and peers our students return home to as well as the broader community.

Updated May 4 COVID-19 Regulations and Restrictions

Under the new COVID-19 regulations and restrictions announced by the Alberta government on May 4, Little Angels’ childcare facility has continued to remain open while our team contributes to stopping the spike. As this situation unfolds, we must show each other the extent to which we care with our commitment to preventing the spread of COVID-19 together. Our Airdrie daycare has gone above and well beyond the Alberta government’s protocols to ensure the safety of our essential service. 

Strong COVID-19 Preventative Measures and Protocols

Little Angels is dedicated to following the mandatory restrictions set in place by the Alberta government to closely align our protocols with the government’s updated guidance for childcare:

  • Masks and physical distancing will remain mandatory for all staff during close interactions. Children are encouraged to come to daycare wearing a labelled non-medical mask but are not required. (When preparing non-medical masks for your child, ensure you pack extra) 
  • We will continue to quickly and accurately notify families of current and new COVID-19 protocols in our daycare facility. 
  • Daily activities will be modified to accommodate for physical distancing wherever possible (ex: air fives).
  • Staff and children must follow the stated screening and response plan and self-screen or be screened by a parent daily for symptoms of their age group as well as measure children’s temperatures before arriving. 
  • Children will be encouraged to quickly notify our childcare staff of potential symptoms. If COVID-19 symptoms are noticed while at daycare, parents will be immediately contacted as the child isolates in a separate room.
  • Continuous handwashing will be role modeled by our staff before and after coming into contact with high-touch surfaces. Respiratory etiquette will be encouraged.
  • Our childcare facility will continue to be disinfected daily with electrostatic spray devices. Deep cleaning will be performed twice a week to ensure that everything is fully sanitized. 
  • Our dropoff and pickup points will support physical distancing with separate cohorts. 
  • Our daycare staff will take extra care in the presence of hand sanitizer to ensure children are closely supervised upon its use. 
  • Children will be assigned to seats with regular, distanced seating plans.

Take Care of Each Other

Our COVID-19 practices and responses minimize the risk of transmission while maintaining the highest level of hygiene. We take these strong COVID-19 measures in trust of the commitment parents are taking to self-assess and remain at home if they have been within contact with a positive case or show symptoms. 

We eagerly await the day we can share our smiles with you and your children. For now, we are proud to do all that we can to patiently support our resilient community. If you have any questions about our preventative measures, contact us! While our Airdrie daycare promptly notifies staff and parents with the newest information, updated information on COVID-19 restrictions, childcare protocols and vaccine delivery can be accessed through Alberta Health Services.