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How to Balance Work and Having a Small Child

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Rid yourself of guilt

We all feel guilt when we first have a child and have to do anything else other than take care of them. But for the sake of maintaining a productive balance, every parent has to force themselves to not feel guilty when taking time to work, relax and unwind sometimes. That first day of leaving your children with someone else is always hard, but it gets easier with time.

Focus your mindset

When you are at work, make sure you are mentally present. New parents constantly worry, especially during the earlier days of leaving your child elsewhere. Make sure you check in appropriately but do not let it disrupt your work day, or else you will become unproductive.

Pick a daycare you trust

Be sure to consider your daycare options wisely. Though pricing is a huge factor for young parents, choosing one you can leave your child at with ease is important so you can focus at work. Make sure they have open houses and comprehensive information sessions so you can learn everything you can and get all your answers questioned.

Solidify your schedule

Make sure you have a schedule that you can work around for pickup and drop offs. Because we are an Airdrie daycare, many of our parents work far away in the city, meaning it is even more important that Little Angels daycare can offer a trustworthy environment for parents.

Enjoy the weekends

Make time for your kids during your time off, and make sure you are present for them. During weekends, find enjoyable activities that you can do together. This is a time you will never have again as your kids will sprout up right in front of your eyes.