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How to Send Your Child to Daycare During Viral Outbreaks

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Taking Care of Our Community 

Evolving COVID-19 protocols don’t mean a sacrifice in child care, but inclusion of healthy habits to take care of the self and the community. Little Angels Airdrie daycare, preschool and kindergarten is following the Alberta government’s COVID-19 protocols to remain open. We know how vital our service is for working parents and take your family’s safety to be our number one priority. With protocols continuing to be updated, it can be confusing to keep up with how to support your child’s development while taking all of the necessary preventative measures.


If your child has attended childcare programs before, they will notice the new cleaning requirements and distancing protocols. When revisiting the COVID-19 discussion to prepare your child for a new semester, it is best to follow their lead by asking questions to understand what they already know. Help your child control their fears by acknowledging the power of handwashing and notifying you and their caregiver if they feel sick. When you emphasize their ability to make a positive difference, they will feel more comfortable in their surroundings.


While it is required for all staff to wear a non-medical mask when interacting with children, children are not required to wear a mask in a childcare program under the Alberta government’s COVID-19 childcare guidance. Little Angels encourages your child to wear a non-medical mask as it traps particles capable of transmitting the virus within your mask. If children refuse to wear a mask, feelings of fear or inability to properly breathe may be overriding their judgement. To motivate your child to wear a mask, introduce the mask by wearing one at home. Attribute the action of wearing a mask to the safety it provides. Find the style that works best for your child and make sure you get them a mask with their favourite colours.


While wearing a mask, cleaning high-touch surface areas and toys and physical distancing can keep children and childcare staff safe from asymptomatic cases, screening should become part of your daily morning routine to diagnose symptomatic cases. Complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist for your child. All adults within your family should regularly complete the checklist to catch any signs of symptoms before your child attends daycare. 

Our Individual Roles Contribute to a Safe Childcare Facility 

Families play a large role in minimizing the fear their children have about the pandemic while promoting practices to keep everyone safe. Although sending your child to childcare takes a few extra steps, we see it as a learning opportunity to turn good hygiene practices into selfless habits. Stay informed and share only what is needed for your child to understand the situation at their level. Remember to practice positivity with honest discussions, collaborative participation and a big smile of reassurance.