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The Importance of Group Activities in Preschool

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When children attend our licensed, accredited Airdrie preschool, they spend their days enriched emotionally, cognitively and physically. While parents spend the day at work, children spend the day benefiting from the group activities that are unique to preschool and instill lifelong social benefits. 

Group Activities Teach the Seven Most Important Social Skills for Children 

At three years old, the connections that children make to their environment are essential to their development. When children reach preschool, they are beginning to seek out independence by interacting with others. Little Angels Airdrie preschool intertwines group activities throughout the day to balance the stimulation children receive when learning and playing. These group activities can include storytelling, drawing, group discussions and dancing. Our experienced caregivers offer new and exciting ways to engage daily as children learn the seven most important social skills: sharing, cooperating, listening, following directions, respecting personal space, making eye contact and using manners. 

Research shows that children who are comfortable expressing these social skills have a greater likelihood to graduate post-secondary and be fully employed by the age of 25. This research was done by Penn State, as senior research associate, Damon Jones, stated “This research by itself doesn’t prove that higher social competence can lead to better outcomes later on, but when combined with other research, it is clear that helping children develop these skills increases their chances of success in school, work and life.” 

Children Gain the Confidence to Make and Sustain Friendships 

Meeting new people and forming friendships is a fundamental aspect of life. Having the courage to talk to new people, form connections and sustain relationships are skills built in preschool, which is an exceptional early opportunity for children to meet peers. By enrolling in Airdrie child care, families take the first step for their children to find friendship opportunities. In preschool, children learn their interests alongside others. This moment of bonding is the social glue that provides a giddy sense of enjoyment when children make friends. As children learn how to approach others, they develop social confidence in their ability to connect and communicate with others. 

Social Success Lends to Academic Success 

Education is a genre of relationships between content and peers. Having the confidence to make friends and converse with others will benefit children as they become self-starting learners. In preschool, children are exposed to new kinds of activities throughout the year and begin to differentiate their likes and dislikes with those around them while learning to respect others’ decisions. As children become more accustomed to their interests, group activities provide a constant new stimulus to explore outside of their developing comfort zones. 

Group activities build self assurance and key communication skills that lead to academic success as “children who are confident about their interpersonal relationships also have the emotional security to take on the risks and challenges of learning other subject matter.” Confidence is a learned feature that needs to be nurtured. Such an outcome can be seen with our caregivers, who design group activities that provide comfortable communication for introverts and extroverts alike. 

At Little Angels Airdrie preschool, parents can rest assured that their child’s most exciting days are ahead of them. Our expert caregivers dedicate their full attention to the activities that enrich your child’s social abilities. Preschool provides an invaluable experience for children to meet their peers, make friends and share their interests. Children are empowered as their self-confidence grows. To learn more about our preschool routine, book a tour to visit our facility.