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Tips for Resuming Your Daily Routine

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Most of us have had our lives disrupted the last few months, but luckily– or not– many of us have started the process of returning to normal habits. That means getting up early to head to the office and needing trusted child care to help make that possible.

This seems like a simple task, especially since you have reliable child care lined up. But the reality is that your child was likely in a daycare facility earlier this year, then was home for 5 months and saw their parents at home every day. It was hard enough preparing them to be away from you the first time, now you need to do it again, after they had 5 months of play time?!

Here are some tips to help ease your child back into being away from home:

Regular Time at Grandparents’ House

Note, this isn’t grandparents coming to your house to babysit; the point is to get your child out of the house so they can start to gain a renewed sense of spending their days somewhere else. The grandparents’ house is familiar, yet away from the comfort of their own home. Of course, be prepared to take every precaution to ensure everyone’s health and safety, even if younger children are not prone to spread the virus.

Swap In-House Play Dates with a Friend

This is the same basic concept as the grandparents’ house, but with the added benefit of reacquainting with friends they may not have seen in a while. To be good neighbours, ensure you swap houses and host the (preferably) outdoor play date to help out fellow parents with the transition back to normal lives.

Wake Your Children Up Early

Odds are the normal bedtimes and wake up times slipped a little during the last few months. Remember back to your childhood (or even now? ha!), how difficult it was to wake up early after a long period of sleeping in? Your child most likely will undergo the same difficulty; so if you have a firm date when your routine will start to normalize, spend a week in advance waking your child up earlier than they had been. Once the rush comes on the first day back comes, your child will be much more ready to wake up and go, and will benefit greatly from a more regimented sleep pattern.

Get Them Excited for Daycare!

Judging from the looks we see on children’s faces everyday at Little Angels, they love coming to daycare and preschool! With so much time away, your child might have forgotten the feeling of being around his friends and favourite caregivers, the activities, the fun learning and the laughs of a time well spent. Remind them of how much they enjoy going to Little Angels and how much more fun they will have at daycare than sitting at home for days on end. Watch their eyes light up at the memories and how excited they are to see their play pals and teachers again!

The last few months have been unprecedented in its disruption. Hopefully everybody has made it through this tough time with a smile and determination to make the most of their lives. As you get back to your routine, Little Angels is here to lend a caring hand with the most important part: safe, fully accredited child care you can rely on when you need it most!