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What Does it Mean to be an Accredited Preschool?

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When you hear a preschool is accredited, what does that really mean? When you send your child to our accredited Airdrie preschool, there are specific things you can expect. Accreditation in Alberta means that the preschool meets specific standards set by the Alberta government to ensure a quality caregiving environment. 

Earning child care accreditation in Alberta is voluntary to each preschool. At Little Angels Airdrie preschool, it is our priority to ensure we provide the most quality care possible. Little Angels became an accredited preschool in 2020, and we continue to undergo the rigorous evaluation that maintains our values as a leading child care facility. 

What is Accreditation?

According to the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards, earning accreditation provides proof of the child care program’s “standards of excellence which are over and above the provincial licensing regulations and family day home standards.” 

Over the course of 15 months, Little Angels underwent a detailed self-evaluation of the services we offer and composed a working plan to exceed the set standards. Once completed, an accrediting agency performed an on-site assessment. 

Accreditation is valid for three years at a time. Excellence is not a fixed status once accreditation is achieved. Child care facilities must continue to improve their programs, layout and services in yearly reviews as well as when renewing accreditation. As a current attributor of child care excellence – we like to say the proof is in the accreditation!

The Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards sets out its objectives in four categories: outcomes for children, outcomes for families, outcomes for staff, and outcomes for the community. 

Within these standards, indicators of an enriching environment include: 

  • Prioritized one-on-one and small group peer interactions. 
  • A stimulating and interactive play space. 
  • Promoting outdoor exploration.
  • Encouraging the sharing and active listening of cultural backgrounds.
  • Scheduled play.
  • A high standard of nutrition.
  • Socialization and nap time to each child’s developmental needs . 
  • Carefully observing children’s interests in order to plan an exciting day’s worth of activities. 

What Difference does an Accredited Preschool Make? 

Preschools can be accredited, licensed, licensed and accredited, or neither. Think of licensing as a standard that ensures the minimum levels set by the government for care are met. Accreditation takes the standards of licensing further into account by imparting excellence in all the regulated categories. These categories become much more specific to reach accreditation – it is not just about the facility and its curriculum, but how each child is cared for, the experience of the staff, the contribution to family life and the impact on the community through an inclusive, diverse and exceptional community-building program. 

An accredited Airdrie preschool makes all the difference in ensuring your child’s needs are met with experienced caregivers who make it their priority to ensure preschool is an extension of home. The difference created in consistent quality is the peace of mind each family is looking for when choosing the right Airdrie preschool for their children. Importantly, a quality preschool program encourages the growth of a child’s social emotional development

What Should I Look for in a Preschool?

When choosing which Airdrie preschool to send your child to, much of your decisions revolve around quality. Who is teaching the best curriculum? Who is providing the best meal plan? Who is providing the most enriching social activities? Who is promoting outdoor, play-based learning? When choosing quality, the Alberta government’s guide to choosing child care recommends choosing an accredited program. 

Little Angels’ Pledge 

While accreditation is a standard we strive to uphold daily, our goal for accreditation is synonymous with our mission to provide the highest quality of care possible for families. We do this by consistently reviewing our processes and putting our curriculum in the hands of experienced educators and child caregivers. Paired with our modern facility, we have a strong foundation in place to provide an engaging, thoughtful and inclusive learning environment. Book a private tour of our accredited Airdrie daycare and see why we make the accredited list of preschools in Airdrie!