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Why Inclusivity Matters in Childcare

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When looking for the most nurturing environments in childcare, inclusivity should be at the top of every parent’s list. A child’s early years are their most formative, where their environment and early relationships impact the way they grow up to be adults and how they build their self-image. Inclusivity begets equality within the childcare environment as each child’s potential is realized to the fullest. 

Little Angels’s drop-in Calgary daycare is founded on the teachings of inclusivity. Children learn to acknowledge that different abilities exist, and that the world is better for it. Where everyone is equal, we aim to create a safe space for children to be themselves.  

Inclusivity in Childcare

Inclusivity is the building block of success in all societal groupings, but especially so in childcare. Inclusive childcare is the marker of a high-quality learning environment because it shows that the caregivers, staff and the facility have the resources, experience and toys to accommodate each child’s interests and needs. 

At Little Angels Airdrie childcare, our qualified caregivers are equipped with ten years of experience to create genuine opportunities that fuel the growth of every child. We offer an holistic approach to childcare. Each space has its own designated activities to promote learning, exploration and development. If a child needs some alone time, they have a place to go without feeling excluded from the group.


Inclusivity in childcare is marked by more than the social presence of diversity. According to Early Childhood Australia,

“Inclusion ensures that all children participate meaningfully while learning and interacting in programs that acknowledge each child’s strengths and interests, so that they are supported to be active members of their community.”

Our caregivers prioritize the rich diversity in our Calgary childcare for students to learn about differences in cultures, personalities, skills and abilities in a positive light. There are three overarching goals that our Airdrie daycare facility enacts to build and maintain inclusivity: 

  • The first is to create a space welcome to families of all backgrounds. 
  • The second goal of inclusivity is to teach children the social skills that will encourage comfortability to participate in new activities. This means preparing kids for life outside of their family network by teaching them how to get along with others. 
  • The third goal is to provide equal access to resources for all children. This is completed through a variety of activities that promote teamwork, interaction and participation. 

Ultimately, creating a safe environment encourages all children to learn that through their diversity, all children can achieve together. 

The Benefits of Inclusion 

Inclusivity in childcare positively benefits children by reducing their anxiety and stress in social situations. Our caregivers strive to help children realize that their right to participate is automatic. It is essential that our caregivers support each child so that they can grow with confidence in their place in the world and feel good about involving themselves in opportunities. 

By introducing children to an inclusive childcare setting, they develop an early sense of belonging to grow confidence in their role in the community, be motivated to learn and realize that their uniqueness is something to be celebrated. 

Little Angels Airdrie daycare fosters an inclusive environment for children to grow into the best person they can be. One of the most important ways we do this is by offering a community of staff, children and caregivers that reflect the diversity in our city. Providing an inclusive environment for your child can go a long way in teaching them empathy, tolerance for others and provide role models that reflect the larger community. 

Building an Inclusive Facility at Little Angels 

Every child deserves an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in a safe space. At Little Angels Airdrie daycare, we believe that all children should have the chance to grow up in an inclusive environment. We design goals around each child’s abilities by personalizing activities and increasing sensitivity during social interactions. 

As early learners, children are constantly exploring the world around them and discovering more about themselves. We want to support them in this journey through creating an inclusive environment that builds positive self-esteem and encourages acceptance of each child’s uniqueness. We know that children learn best when they are in an environment where they can be themselves, explore their ideas and grow their confidence. Little Angels’ aim is to provide that environment every day with the children in our care. To learn more about our holistic approaches and view the design of our childcare facility, book a tour online