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Why is a Safe Learning and Play Environment Critical to Your Child’s Happiness?

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As parents, it definitely is not easy to let go of your toddler’s hand, taking them to daycare as we continue our regular 9:00-5:00 schedule. However, this is the reality of working parents and many are daunted by the task of finding a daycare/preschool for their child.

When choosing childcare in Calgary, parents must stop and think about what that “full day of learning,” entails. At Little Angels daycare, it is not just what and how your child learns, but the environment within which they learn. Understanding these factors that contribute to how we nurture your child is imperative to ensure that parents are at ease with their choice in daycare.

study published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory in 2002, shows us that feelings such as boredom, frustration and embarrassment, can incite one’s mind to go into “flight or fight” mode. As such, it is crucial from a young age that children harness these emotions. In time, this will help to lay the foundations that will prove valuable during times of stress in their adult life.

Daycare environments play a big role in how children experience the emotions that lead to “flight or fight mode.” In adult life, stress seems to be present daily. However, with toddlers, infants, and preschoolers, even the smallest of situations can cause extraordinary panic. Psychology proves that when children are exposed to excessive stress levels from early stages of life, they struggle to return to a calm baseline.

At our Airdrie daycare, caregivers strive to make Little Angels stress-free for your child. Our intimate setting allows for our caregivers to form a close bond with your child, thus forming the strength imperative to manage stress in and out of daycare.

A stress-free environment also depends on how the daycare looks, which helps encourage children to share and socialize more strongly with those around them. With an organized and tidy daycare, your child will feel open to learning, flourishing in a positive environment. Furniture should “fit” the child, both mentally and physically. At Little Angels, the design of our preschool cultivates a space that is comfortable, welcoming, safe and educationally effective.

Little Angels prioritizes the needs of your child, thinking critically about the underlying factors– such as our learning environment– that will contribute to the tools your child will have to thrive while in daycare.